Hey lovelys! Hope your all well, Sorry no Monday post, I've had a terrible cold! Just a little wish list for you! 
It's been snowing all night here, yay! I love the snow! 
Makes me want to get all cozy and put all the Christmas decs up, shame really haha.. a bit late as per usual where I come from!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Eyebrow//Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit//Milani Illuminating Face Powder//Milani Colour Statement Lipstick

AB Dipbrow Pomade I have seen EVERYWHERE, And I need it!! I have NEVER filled my eyebrows in, I have naturally filled in brows so I have never seen the point until I saw how much of a difference it makes! I don't have a clue, but I'm sure with time, I will learn!

AB Contour kit, Y U So expensive! Yet so amazing!!! I will have to dream to have you! A girl can dream.. right!? This product looks amazing, so pigmented, seen so many people use it on YouTube, Blogs. I want it now! -stomps feet-!

Milani blush, isn't this packaging so cute? I've seen so many rave about Milani. I had a nose though on Amazon, I don't think the UK sells it? I love the rose detail! It's also a bronzer and highlighter!
The Milani Lipstick is in "Ruby Valentine" a pigmented vibrant red! I love a red lippy, this is right up my street! I'm gonna totally order some Milani! they seem so inexpensive and good quality!

Have you ever tried anything from this wishlist? Let me know in the comments! :D


Sorry I didn't post Wish list Wednesday! I was staying over a mates house having a good old catch up!
I have put up today's fashion Friday and Wish list Wednesdays today, Hope you enjoy my picks!

Dress - I adore skater dresses so much, so comfy, hugs your waist, so flattering, can be dressed up with sky high heels or dressed down with a big cozy cardigan, and how cute is the design on the dress? I love it! I've always been a big fan of black and gold! 
T-shirt - Now I love a slogan tee, Simple, everyone loves a basic tee! I'm for sure gonna grab this when I'm next in New Look - LOVE it! Simple yet chic! well done!
Black Lace Dress - Oh my, It's got THE biggest sale, Not in my size, boohoo! But I had to show it, it's simple stunnnnning! look at it! I wish I saw it sooner! The detail is gorgeous! 
                  Jumper - Simple Gray jumper, I just LOVE the quote! it's too funny! It's super cute!
                  Ballet Pumps - All year I wear ballet pumps, they make all outfits, I love the metallic design on these, bright lovely colours! just what I need in this awful gloomy weather! 

Last of all, my Amazon Wish list from Wednesday! :)

MONDAY BEAUTY; Bourjois treats!

Hello lovelies! 
Over the past weekend I was asking for a good budget friendly bronzer on twitter (using the #bbloggers on a Sunday) and loads of people recommended me this Bourjois boronzer! 
So, I went to my local Boots, and to my surprise, it was on offer, big yay for me, I love a bargain! (If you can't tell! So! 
I got Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder for £7.99 and the next item half price!
I'm yet to use the bronzer due to the fact, my makeup brushes are being washed, and are currently getting dry, Hate waiting around! Dry my pretties! -DRY!- Hiss!
The smell for some reason doesn't remind me of chocolate, it's not a bad smell, smells sweet and yummy, the colour payoff is lovely! I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it!
It has flecks of gold glitter, to give your skin a sun kissed glow, trust me, here in the gloomy UK, we NEED it! I love the look of glowing skin.
I also enjoy the way it closes! am I the only one?! Ha! :)

I also picked up the Rouge Edition Lipstick in "Fuchsia Graffiti" half price! was £7.99 so was around £3.99? and oh myy! the colour is a dream! so creamy, so soft, so lovely! not patchy! so smooth! everything I want in a lipstick! The packaging is so sleek! I need to try more! The colour is a deep pink, the collection is amazing, I think I need them all! 

Have you seen anything you like from Bourjois?


Hey guys!
I got some new Vans! I adore the classic colours, pink and blue!
They where on offer for only £20! They retail for over £50! When I noticed these (My Mam was buying a bag, I was just walking around and I noticed these, they where calling my name and I HAD to buy them!!) and at such a low price, I had to!
They are so comfy, I've loved Vans for many years now, Now I know I can get them at a cheaper rate, I know where to go! 
Check the link to know where I got this super amazing deal from!

Have you found any good sales lately? let me know in the comments below! :)


Makeup Revolution, I've never bought anything, But I will be soon, I've heard of many good things about them, I don't know why I haven't yet! I'm a sucker for all things nude, golden, this palette screams my name! I NEED it! Would you recommend me anything?

What more can I say about Too faced?! Look at the packaging! Stunning as always! This WILL be mine one day, and the colour of the blush is simply glorious, perfect for a summer tan! *looks outside* Yep! Still Winter! But, this is lovely and you get two blushes for one! 

I've heard a lot of positive things about NYX, shame I've never seen them in the UK, just online! These Butter glosses look right up my street! my favorite has to be the red one! It's a bonus its a gift set, I'm always on the hunt for a good lip gloss, that doesn't stick to my hair, it's windy where live! so let me know, I love talking to you guys! 

Are you lusting after anything? Let me know! :) 

Friday Fashion; Little Sale Haul;

Hey all! Just a small post today, I did a spot of shopping this week, I found some good deals!
Here is what I've found so far!
If I can. I will link the item if it's still available! Some of them where on sale or clearance! 

 Dress - Is super comfy on, you can totally dress it up, black tights, black or nude heels, for a night out or a date night, has the panels on the side to "suck" you in. And only a £10! you can't go wrong! I adore it!

I got this just before Christmas and it's FAR to big for me now (SAD FACE) I'm on Slimming world and losing weight! BUT I will still wear it with a belt! It's from Primark and was a steal at £5! It's plaid, and it's always on trend, I just wish I got it in a smaller size, I went to my local Primark not long ago, and still had some, so be on the look out if you like these kind of styles!

 Another Primark bargain! this amazing floral skirt was £3 in the sale!
Really thick material, Just below the knee length, and I adore the design! Super flattering, I only got it a few days ago so check out Primark! :)

Last but not least, this jumper, my was only.. wait for it a £1!! From you guessed it... PRIMARK! Haha, Even the Women at the till was like "Wow, have the got many sizes left?! I need it!!" It is so cozy, over sized, and the colour is so lovely! I got it the same day as the skirt! 

So all in all, a good week of sale finds!
So tell me, have you got any good bargain this week? :)

Wishlist Wed #1

Hey guys! These 5 items been eyeing up for so long, I HAD to include them in today's post!

I have heard so much about The Balms products so much, I need to save up and get some of there goodies one day soon! I keep seeing and hearing it all over the social media and the products look such good quality! 
As for the Banana powder, need I say more? Haha, Everyone and their dog owns this! I always need powder, I have such oily skin so it's a must, and I have heard such amazing reviews from this!
I have always wanted something from Benefit, It is just so so expensive for me, but this gift set seems too good too miss up on!
I am LOVING contouring at the moment, it can change your face in and instant, I'm obsessed, and sleek is amazing for the price, and never fails! It's next on my make up list for sure! 
I have got back into doing my nails, but this time with wraps, I hate waiting around for nails to dry, I'm messy, and well impatient! nail wraps take all the fuss out and look stunning!

Until Friday!

Monday Beauty; Fragrance Direct Haul!

Sorry this post is picture heavy!
I HAD to post how stunning these products are!

First of, THIS Rimmel Blush is to die for, so pigmented, long lasting! I adore it. The colour is stunning! The design  is so so pretty as-well! It's a 3 in one! Something to warm up your face, high light and glow! ;)

I love a good berry lipstick, and this CK lipstick in Venus is stunning! I need more, And the saving is AMAZING!

I cannot get over how stunning this Sunkissed Bronzer is! it's my everything! Big mirror is a plus! I love the golden shades, I think it would suit ALL skin tones. I have it on in the pictures shown, and that's just a light contour! (Along with a little blush!)

Okay so, I needed some new white eyeliner, I need them one, I have small eyes, and hooded eyes so they can look bigger, so I got the white Lily  eyeliner, It's good, really opens my eyes, then I saw this  eyeliner and HAD to have it, it's so so soft, creamy, and glides on like a dream, I adore it.. I wore it over Christmas and I love it.

Dont get this. Waste of money. End of. BLAH! 

Now this super pout in Missie is UHMAZING! So so so pigmented, lasts all day, and look at that applicator! I have never seen anything like it! I will be getting more of these for sure, they made my lips look so plump! 

These lip glosses look lovely, but I've yet to use them, they look lovely swatched though! Nice colours, not sticky and good pigment, can't wait to use them. And they smell like Vanilla! Bonus! 

 Yet again I've only swatched these products, but how cute is this little set! The blush is super girly and pink! I'll see how it pans out when I use it. 

The eyeshadow sets you can see, well, Well.. I deleted them by mistake so, each Monday I'm gonna create a look, showing them off, I'm in love with the matte collection, been using it all week! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ordered from Fragrance Direct before? The service was super amazing and I got everything speedy! I give it a 10 and will get more things soon! x

Fashion - Jan Sales!

Hey everyone!
Hope you all are doing well, You know what I love about the new year? SALES! There are sales EVERYWHERE I look, and I adore a sale, I looked all day, all over the internet to find top sales in the fashion world, and put together a little something to help pick out some wonderful sale picks! 

I have recently lose nearly 3st and fashion is becoming amazing for me, and is new and exciting! I was a size 22/24! Now I'm a 20/18!! I have a long way to go but I feel amazing!
Have you seen/grabbed any good bargains this week?! Let me know! :)

Does anyone want to know more about my weight loss? And tips? I will start to do OOTD! 

Happy 2015 / Happy new blog!

Hey all! I'm Linda, I used to blog a year a go and stopped, now I'm back, with a new blog, a new design and raring to go!
I'm going to be *Fingers Crossed* posting 3 times a week, Monday, Wed and Fri. Each day will have a topic!
Monday - Anything to do with makeup/Beauty!
Wed - Wishlists!
Friday - Anything to do with fashion!
See what I've did there? ;)

I hope you enjoy my blog. and what is to come within this year, I'm super excited to be back!
All the best for 2015!