Friday Fashion; Little Sale Haul;

Hey all! Just a small post today, I did a spot of shopping this week, I found some good deals!
Here is what I've found so far!
If I can. I will link the item if it's still available! Some of them where on sale or clearance! 

 Dress - Is super comfy on, you can totally dress it up, black tights, black or nude heels, for a night out or a date night, has the panels on the side to "suck" you in. And only a £10! you can't go wrong! I adore it!

I got this just before Christmas and it's FAR to big for me now (SAD FACE) I'm on Slimming world and losing weight! BUT I will still wear it with a belt! It's from Primark and was a steal at £5! It's plaid, and it's always on trend, I just wish I got it in a smaller size, I went to my local Primark not long ago, and still had some, so be on the look out if you like these kind of styles!

 Another Primark bargain! this amazing floral skirt was £3 in the sale!
Really thick material, Just below the knee length, and I adore the design! Super flattering, I only got it a few days ago so check out Primark! :)

Last but not least, this jumper, my was only.. wait for it a £1!! From you guessed it... PRIMARK! Haha, Even the Women at the till was like "Wow, have the got many sizes left?! I need it!!" It is so cozy, over sized, and the colour is so lovely! I got it the same day as the skirt! 

So all in all, a good week of sale finds!
So tell me, have you got any good bargain this week? :)

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