Monday Beauty; Fragrance Direct Haul!

Sorry this post is picture heavy!
I HAD to post how stunning these products are!

First of, THIS Rimmel Blush is to die for, so pigmented, long lasting! I adore it. The colour is stunning! The design  is so so pretty as-well! It's a 3 in one! Something to warm up your face, high light and glow! ;)

I love a good berry lipstick, and this CK lipstick in Venus is stunning! I need more, And the saving is AMAZING!

I cannot get over how stunning this Sunkissed Bronzer is! it's my everything! Big mirror is a plus! I love the golden shades, I think it would suit ALL skin tones. I have it on in the pictures shown, and that's just a light contour! (Along with a little blush!)

Okay so, I needed some new white eyeliner, I need them one, I have small eyes, and hooded eyes so they can look bigger, so I got the white Lily  eyeliner, It's good, really opens my eyes, then I saw this  eyeliner and HAD to have it, it's so so soft, creamy, and glides on like a dream, I adore it.. I wore it over Christmas and I love it.

Dont get this. Waste of money. End of. BLAH! 

Now this super pout in Missie is UHMAZING! So so so pigmented, lasts all day, and look at that applicator! I have never seen anything like it! I will be getting more of these for sure, they made my lips look so plump! 

These lip glosses look lovely, but I've yet to use them, they look lovely swatched though! Nice colours, not sticky and good pigment, can't wait to use them. And they smell like Vanilla! Bonus! 

 Yet again I've only swatched these products, but how cute is this little set! The blush is super girly and pink! I'll see how it pans out when I use it. 

The eyeshadow sets you can see, well, Well.. I deleted them by mistake so, each Monday I'm gonna create a look, showing them off, I'm in love with the matte collection, been using it all week! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ordered from Fragrance Direct before? The service was super amazing and I got everything speedy! I give it a 10 and will get more things soon! x

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